PGC Group BV transforms to PGC Group NV. 

As of 17 September 2020 the PGC Group finalised its transformation from Commercial company to Financial Holding by changing its corporate form from BV (Limited Private Company) to NV ( Public Limited Company ) while issuing new shares up to a total share capital of 500 million shares.

As an  NV the PGC Group assumes all duties, responsibilities and liabilities of its predecessor. With this active Corporate Finance strategy PGC Group NV aims to secure its current up to € 35 Mio Global Note, Coupon 8%-2020-2022 (to be listed shortly) and also aim for a public listing of its shares within the next two years

. The Group will continue its strategy of acquisition of complementary, high potential FinTech participations to build a strong portfolio of companies showing significant synergistic effects and solid financial performance 


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